Why IRC Market ?

About US

• Shamim Abrisham Company under the international brand of Iran Chemical Market (IRCM) started its activity in 2009. We rely on our thirty years of experience in export and import of all chemical products to the international markets. Our target is expanding and promoting the markets for premium quality Iranian chemical products in the worldwide level and make the Iranian products competitable with other rival products which have won a better market share merely just by better promotional tools. We believe with the help of Iranian producers who have already the best capability and know-how of production, we can have a larger market share in the world market and can help the Iranian products be introduced and promoted in the regional and overseas markets. Considering the Iranian government policy to help and expand non-oil exports, we are proud to act as a helping hand in this regard.


  • Iranian chemical products marketing
  • Participation in the international exhibitions to introduce Iranian chemical products
  • Attending trade delegations to promote Iranian chemical products
  • Attending specialty meetings to expand trade relations with foreign partners
  • Stablishing representative offices abroad
  • Granting representation to foreign companies
  • Accepting representation from foreign producers
  • Providing consulting services in international marketing and branding

Our Customers